21 Savage’s Mom Claims Grammy Official Conspired To Keep Her Off The Red Carpet

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It has now been a week since 21 Savage was detained by federal ICE agents. If you’re not familiar, the rapper was arrested for allegedly living in the country illegally when he was pulled over in Atlanta and police found a loaded gun. 21 Savage claims that he is eligible for a visa renewal and that the gun did not belong to him. 21 Savage’s mom attempted to pick up 21 Savage’s Grammy tickets yesterday in hope of protesting on the red carpet. When she arrived to pick up the tickets, she was given the run around by Grammy staff claiming that 21 Savage himself had to pick up the tickets. Eventually, the tickets were handed over but only after the red carpet had ended. 21 Savage’s mom believes that Grammy staff gave her a hard time retrieving tickets in efforts to keep her from protesting on the red carpet about her son’s situation.