Meet Boston Artist and Entrepreneur, Jay Gatz!

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Jay Gatz is an Hip-Hop artist and Entrepreneur. Originally from the streets of Boston, Massachusetts, Jay Gatz experienced different struggles in life that motivated him to always to strive for the best. Growing up, Jordan was always acknowledged by Jay Gatz, which is a name given to him metaphorically referring to the book, The Great Gatsby. He began rapping and producing mixtapes at the age of seven, and carried the name every since.

Music was something he was always passionate about, but it was the MySpace-era that made him take his craft and approach serious. He still seemed to struggle to find his sound and pocket. After the release of his last project in 2013, Bodega Dreams didn’t get received well, he was forced to take the time to rebrand and go back to the drawing board. This time instead of trying to fit in with the style and trends of today’s hiphop, he began taking the approach towards being the listeners escape from the average wordsmith. He wanted to deliver a project where regardless of topic, you can hear and FEEL the concept as well.

Gatz recently released a new project, The Real Jay Gatz LP. He also was featured on a 5-city tour for the first time ever during the Fall of 2017, and was featured on a second ArtistsToWatchTour during the late winter of 2017-early ’18. He is also set to release a follow-up project in 2019.

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The origin of Bodega Muzik Group:

Bodega Muzik Group is a indie-based organization founded by Boston rapper, Jay Gatz, dealing with independent recordings, promotion, and distribution. Bodega Muzik, which took over the following thesis and expiration of MonstaZ INC, is a more independent focused business promoting mixtapes, videos, and performances.

Bodega is used as a metaphor for being on the corner in urban areas and having whatever you need. This term is Commonly used on the east coast, especially in the New York City region, is where you will find many of these. The term came from the actual spanish word for “grocery store,” such as la bodega. So with that said, Bodega musically has whatever you need from music to make you laugh, cry, think, pray, ride, fall in love, or even to just relate too.

Listen to “Don’t Understand” below!