7 Rising Rappers Sure To Kill The Final Quarter Of 2018

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The fourth quarter has begun and rappers everywhere are working hard to make their mark before the year ends. This includes shooting videos, hosting events, doing interviews and dropping heat for their loyal and new fans. Here are 7 rappers sure to end the last quarter off right.

1. FMB Dz – Detroit native FMB Dz is no stranger to the pen. His first rap performance was at his fifth-grade graduation but it wasn’t until a few years ago that he decided to take rap seriously. Last year, his songs “Hold Me Down”, “Heavy” and “Pressure” all generated millions of views. FMB Dz gained me as a fan in July with his project In My Bag that was sent to me by a female rapper page (@femalerappersmusic). He is set to release a joint project with fellow Detroit native SadaBaby sometime in the next few months. I believe FMB Dz will go down as a Detroit rap legend one day. Check out his video latest video “Lit” featuring E40:



2. SadaBaby – Unlike other rappers, SadaBaby takes pride in being different. He doesn’t feel the need to fall into the stereotypes of other Detroit rappers. Not only does SadaBaby deliver clever bars, but he also has the ability to add unique vocals to his songs when he wants a different sound. Last month, he sat down with FADER and really dissected his music career and upbringing. With continued consistency and dedication, Sada Baby can only go up from here.  Check out his latest solo video “Driple Double” below:

3. Pardison Fontaine – Newburgh, New York native Pardison Fontaine is a certified legend in his city. His music career started when he began recording tracks in his college dorm room which became anthems for him and other members of our school’s basketball team. After college, Pardi made music his main focus dropping tracks like “OYYY” and “Bobby Brown”. He most recently gained attention for allegedly being the ghostwriter behind Cardi B’s “Be Careful”, before dropping a video entitled “Rap Charlamagne” which broke the Internet. Check out his latest video “Backin It Up” featuring Cardi B below:



4. Yhung T.O. – Last month, Yhung T.O. took to Instagram to announce that he would be parting ways with his group SOB x RBE after the release of their project Gangin 2 which dropped on September 28th. Yhung T.O uses a unique wordplay combined with vocals to illustrate his lifestyle in his music. I am looking forward to him excelling as a solo artist. Watch his latest solo video “Betrayal” below:

5. Bangg 3 – Rap duo Bangg 3 gained major attention for their remix to FBG Duck’s “Slide” which currently has over 10 million youtube views. The Ohio natives recently linked up with the Bay Area’s Stunna Girl for new single “Blat” which already has over 100k views. They are set to release a remix to TLC’s 1999 hit “No Scrubs” which is sure to be the female anthem of the year. Check out their latest video “Checkington” below:


6. Rich Ice-  Rich Ice is the definition of a trapper turned rapper. Popular in his city for his group ICY Gang and affiliation with fellow Harlem native Vado.  Rich Ice uses clever metaphors and similes to illustrate his street lifestyle in his music. His latest mixtape Ice Season 1.5 is now streaming on all platforms and continues to gain attention from Hip Hop curators and tastemakers. Rich Ice is geared up with videos and singles like “Take Risk” to end the year off right. Check out his latest video “Anything” featuring SNS and Ryan Dudley:


FakebitchesheroFakebitcheshero also known as Rocky has been rapping for as long as she can remember. She gained over 50k Instagram followers for car freestyles that go harder than a lot of men. The Philly native recently released a self-titled project which is definitely a classic to many. Her songs “Fake” and “Thick & Thin” can be found in the background of thousand of selfie videos daily. Rocky will only go up from here.