Bronx Bred, Kiki Devii Releases New Single, “Ugly Delicious”

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Buck Films Presents: KiKi Devii – “Ugly Precious”

Meet KiKi Devii, the Bronx artist with a unique sound and several talents. Coming from a Jamaican and Panamanian descent Kiki effortlessly makes her mark. She created her distinctive sound that quickly grabs your attention. In the visuals from her most recent single, “Ugly Delicious”, Kiki sets the tone for what she was to offer as an artist. In the opening clip, she is seen walking out of a corner store with a vibrant aura. She begins to spit her insightful bars as the video starts.

It’s that Ugly Delicious/ thick thighs and nutritious/ came back with a banger like I’m Spider-Man’s mistress/“

With this track, KiKi successfully shows off her high level of confidence. The lyrics are bold and make you aware of her dominant personality. Throughout the song she talks about she is educated, independent and enjoys making her own money. The entire song is simply a confident raunchy vibe where women embrace who they are and have fun doing it while being unapologetic. Kiki likes to make music that captures her journey as an Afro-bicultural womanist.  She began her rap career after winning the WHCS Radio Rap Competition in 2018. Since then she has consistently created a buzz. She uses music as a outlet to express her and she is often inspired by her experiences and surroundings.

All my music, it’s a vibe that I woke up with and just wanted to get out. Every morning I write a song based off whatever tune I wake up with in my head. Ugly delicious was my raunchiness taking the front seat. I record at least once a week and so I’ll record listen to it for a week make changes as I see fit, run it by the team and if they like it, we record. It’s really just a repetitive process until I’m happy with the results. But this song was slam bam thank you mam, I had the right energy from the jump. I’m a very passionate  and aggressive woman in everything I do, so add that with my weird accent and you get a gangtress sound, with a crazy mouth, not to mention my insane flows. So my sound is gangtress, and that’s across any genre I take on. Catch the vibe, it really depends on them. If it makes you wanna twerk, do it. If it makes you wanna kill it in the gym, dale! I’m all about raw energy and that’s what I want them to feel. I call it the KiKi effect, feel the KiKi Devii effect with me.”

As Kiki continues to pursue her music career she constantly empower other women and creatives to be true to themselves. Catch the Kiki effect and watch the new visuals here!