Future Goes Ham In The New Visuals For “Goin Dummi”

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Since the year started Future continues to drop videos from his recent project, The Wizard. He now shares the super lit visuals for “Goin Dummi,” produced by Wheezy. 

In the opening clip, Future floats on a bed in the middle of the ocean with a few beautiful ladies. As he sits on his throne underwater he is surrounded by mermaids, swimmers and buried treasures. His lyrical talents and dope word play often create a interesting story. 

Ok “Nothin’ come easy, got a spaceship, twerk/ fine Europeans look good in the dark/

Meet me in the Jacuzzi, girl, we made it/

Christian Dior already slayed it/
Yeah, you try and leave me, downgradin’ (Downgrade)

I can’t save you from the apes out the cages (Out the cages)

Phone book in my jeans like pages (Freebandz)
That’s money I crave, it is so contagious/ Sometimes get caught up in that mission/ Don’t get caught inside the loop.”

This video adds an particular aspect to the single. As Future drips under the sea he creates a wavy impressive videos that also showcase his unique ideas. He takes a seat underwater to set the tone in his kingdom. A very rare visual yet pretty interesting and enticing!

Check it out here!