Gemini Jynx Drops New Single, “On God”

In Music by thehiphoplab

As the Bronx is known to be the capital of Hip Hop music, upcoming artist GeminiJynx creates his own lane with his unique sound and intriguing flow. Influenced by his older brother , GeminiJynX began making music at a young age to express himself and showcase his lyrical talents. In 2009, he was arrested and faced up to twenty five years in prison. Fortunately he was sentenced to a program and six years probation instead. As a Bronx native, this served as confirmation for him to continue his path in music seeing as though many don’t receive the same outcome. Shortly after in 2014, GeminiJynX was involved in a tragic car accident suffering severe injuries, yet again, he was living proof of the well-known mantra, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” , he went on to complete his debut mixtape, RGS2 hosted by SouthernSmoke . As he continued to progress ,he began to collaborate with other artist and producers and DJ’s such as DJ Smallz and Chris Rivers. Although heavily influenced by 50 Cent, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne, his music is reflective of a Gemini, revealing this multidimensional talent. Having performed in New York City and Virginia Beach, the love and support he receives from his supporters gives him the courage to continue along his journey to achieve his ultimate goal of being as iconic as he knows his music has the potential to be.

Check out “On God” below!