Jersey Native, DeMeir Rouse Debuts New Single, “Left The Moon”

In Music by thehiphoplab

Growing up in Paterson, NJ. DeMeir Rouse has been singing since he was around 10 years old in church. This multi talented creative began to explore his talents and started to make his beats about six years ago. He always felt like his purpose as an artist is to influence originality comfortably in yourself. Rouse wants people to be comfortable being 100% of what and who they actually are. He encourages and motivates his listeners to be transparent and innovative. He uses music as an outlet to express himself in different ways. As he embarks on this new journey he has been effortlessly setting the tone for what is to come. This New Jersey native uses different sources of inspiration that shape his creative process. He briefly explains it to us:
“My creative process varies. In this particular case maybe the night or so before making the track I was singing in my head “I’ll give you the world/ I’ll give you my heart/I’ll bring you the stars/I’ll carry it far/But you gone still say/I left the moon/. I wrote it in my notes then maybe a day or two later made a beat and configured it to the beat. So in short I guess you can say it just came to me. The lyrics simply meant I can give you anything I put my mind to whether it’s love, or whether you want more materialistic stuff I can give you that too.  Everything I make comes from the heart, so of course without a doubt my past experiences have some type of hand in anything I make whether it’s the beat or lyrics. It’s what’s near and dear to me at the end of the day and I wouldn’t call myself the most expressive person when talking to someone so I just do it the best way I know how. As an artist  it is hard for someone to give me the support I’m looking for. In reference to that line because it requires so much trust and freedom and in this day an age if you asking for too much of that then “your up to something.”
Listen to “Left The Moon” Here!