New Music: Danger Zone- Finding Solace

In Music by thehiphoplab

Danger Zone releases his newest “Finding Solace”. As he continues to remain consistent he broke down what his creative process is like when creating new music. He strives to make songs that are timeless yet inspiring. He enjoys touching topics that many are scared to talk about or address. His following appreciates how transparent he is yet bold. Spreading peace in his everyday life and soulfully through his music has been extremely rewarding for him.
“When creating the record “Finding Solace” I wanted to create a record that would truly be able to withstand the test of time. To do so, I decided to speak on an issue that many people struggle with today which is finding peace. In the song I say “Before you bring peace find peace within yourself and you’ll reveal every little thing that you hope for. This is simply my way of reminding the listeners about the truth in which the only way to create a peaceful external world is to find a way to create a peace within yourself. Only then will you be able to see your blessings at a greater level of verisimilitude. As an entrepreneur and as a human being I’ve learned that adversity has the power to shape you as an individual. Everything that happens in life happens for a reason. I referenced a cold storm behind the fact that discomfort Is a prominent factor in the face of adversity and most of the time people do all that they can to steer away from brutally cold storms. This phrase is simply my way of saying that no matter what you may be faced with in life, you must do all that you can to stay motivated and remain driven to accomplish each and every single goal that you put your mind to. Always strive for greatness and look to evolve each and every single day. Ten years from now you shouldn’t be the same person you are today. If you haven’t grown as a person then you are doing something terribly wrong. We all must do everything possible to better ourselves as individuals.”
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