Snoopy Dinero Releases New Project, “S to the N.O 2”

In Music by thehiphoplab

As the Bronx is known to be the birthplace of Hip Hop, Snoopy Dinero effortlessly creates his intriguing sound. He began to write songs as a teenager, which allowed him to use music as an outlet to express himself. Snoopy was also influenced by his peers to make music and support other artist in perfecting their craft. As he continued to enhanced his skills he was motivated to form an creative process that reassures his authenticity. With many different elements of inspiration he simply makes timeless music. In addition to his story telling formats and insightful lyrics, Snoopy Dinero is destined to be one of New York’s most salient emcees.
S to the N.O 2 was inspired by many obstacles he overcame in life that assisted in his transition from a boy to a man. He used his emotions and passion for music shape the sound of this project. The opening song “Time Will Tell” sets the tone of how he tells a unique story about his struggle. The following song, “Smoke in My Section” featuring Stevey Steve easily lures you in, as your head nods to the beat. “Shadows,” and “Pen to the Pad” featuring Stevey Steve and A1 contributed to the soulful elements that established the captivating vibe. “Posted” added a special flavor that created a different yet enticing vibe, as the beat drops you can feel it. As “See You”, “Missed Calls” and “Voice Note 4.17.19” reveal a more intimate side to this EP, each track tells a different story in a genuine and descriptive form. Normally it can take artist weeks or months to construct such a timeless project but within fourteen days Snoopy Dinero created a mixtape that successfully adds value to the shift in our culture.
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