JAY SOLSTICE Drops New Video for ‘Environmental Awareness’

In Music by thehiphoplab

The Camden, New Jersey native Jay Solstice drops his new video for “Environmental Awareness.” Jay openly expresses himself through music and songwriting. He effortlessly shows what differentiates him as an artist and how adaptable he is with several diverse techniques while using his pin-point lyricism to inspire people. The meanings behind his views are heard more through each song. “’Environmental Awareness’ started while I was on tour in Los Angeles with my team and tour mates. We were all driving and walking through the different areas of LA and during that time I was thinking about all the differences between Camden and LA, which are two completely different areas, but it made me more conscious to be aware of my own surroundings and growth of my own city. One of our stops was in Slauson for a show and automatically as soon as we were in the parking lot chilling, the cops pulled up and began to profile a couple of members on the tour only to find out that we weren’t from California at all. Then they started to explain the depth of how unsafe it was in the particular neighborhood we were in. Coming from an east coast city that is comparatively dangerous to sections of Compton, I was able to understand to a degree.” Jay was noticed by many different YouTube sensations for his covers and remixes. The Jersey creative has also worked with such as Mir Fontane, Ish Williams, and many other artists. “ I wanted this particular visual to be more cinematic and different from my other videos. I wanted to try to come up with something more concrete. Director KF was able to capture that perfectly and help me come up with a visual that would grasp your attention by showing you not only how I spend my day, but also of the city as well. Lyrics are important to me, so i would like listeners to be able to put themselves in my shoes and think about all the stuff going around them. The song itself is more than being aware about what’s going on in your city, it’s also about being conscious about your mental and spiritual environments too because we often forget about those and it can turn out to be unhealthy for an individual even if their physical environment is stable.”  This recent release only shows the world how Solstice is destined to be one of New Jersey’s most prominent artists. Check out the visuals below!