Danger Zone Talks About Upcoming Project, All I fear: The 2nd Chance Edition

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Up and coming artist Danger Zone is preparing to release his new project, All I fear: The 2nd Chance Edition. Ultimately the primary goal was to become more personal with this project and allow the listeners to relate and understand him better as an creative. The album was created to celebrate his younger cousin Rome’s second chance at life through a heart transplant. This tape includes producers that he has idolized since the age of about 13, J Cardim and DJ Pain 1. His favorite guest appearance on the album comes from the dreamers and thinkers like,  AdELA.

You see, although we may not be related by blood she will ALWAYS BE MY SISTER!! Without her support I wouldve never made it this far for that she will always have my trust. DJ Pain 1, Curt Mcgurt, Don Tex , AdELA, M1sta Wyte, Just everyone who was involved. Words cant even explain just how gracious I am to have such a great support system around me. I love you guys”

Danger enjoys analyzing his life essentially picking different events that he experienced and he used that as inspiration. Music is his outlet to express what he was experienced and that’s what makes his songs authentic.

My mother became a cancer survivor so in a song entitled “Here I am” I say “Every day I work like a damm machine to celebrate mama being cancer free. For those who may not know, I was casted as a background extra in the Facebook watch TV show SKAM Austin which truly was an amazing experience I have nothing but positive things to say about the cast, the crew, the staff, the writers, just everyone who was involved in creating such an amazing project. My primary goal when I created this project was to allow everyone to see that no matter how hard life may get there is always a reason to smile and brighter days will come essentially allowing you to see a second chance at life. Within the past couple of years I’ve dealt with enough adversity to know just how desolate of a task it can be to fight through the pain but in the end we must embrace what hurts in order to allow ourselves to grow stronger on both a spiritual and emotional level. Pain creates resilience which is a vital element of cultivating a life that will allow you to thrive each and every single day”

The title, All I fear: The 2nd chance edition” is inspired by Danger’s real life.  He feels that a vital part of life is overcoming all that you may be afraid of and one thing he has learned is that in order to conquer your greatest fears you must stare your fears in the face and claim full authority of your life without any hesitation. 

Check out the promo video below!