Gangtivity Headlines Cyber Loft Part 2

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Cyber Loft is a space to link the people you have been connecting with on social media in person. The original Cyber Loft show was October 2016 at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn. The multitalented creative collective better known as Gangtivity will headline this event. As these Brooklynites continue to make their unique sound be known, they will be performing some of their best tracks, like their new hit single, “Racks”


The Founder of Cyber Loft briefly explains how it all started:

“I started CyberLoft because I was tired of dealing with jenky promoters who promise you that you’ll make money if you over sell tickets and overbook the venues capacity for only a 5 minute slot on a bill that is also overbooked. I wanted to give back to my friends and fellow artists, with an opportunity for them to let the audience know what they’re about.”

With such an innovative and creative idea, seeveral people enjoy this opportunity to network at such a dope space. To purchase tickets for April 6, 2019 at the Mercury Lounge, click below: