La-Meek Drops New Timeless Record, “Back In My City”

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New Jersey is known to be the home of many creatives. LA-Meek began his reign during the summer of 2018 when he released his debut single, “Rise On”. Soon after releasing his hit single, “How I Feel”, the New Jersey artist set the stage on fire, captivating audiences across the east coast. As a man of many talents, he has succeeded in teaching himself how to record, produce, mix, and master his own music, all while balancing athletics, fraternal obligations, and pursuing his Bachelors degree in Exercise Science at West Virginia Wesleyan College. A true risk taker, this Jersey native got his start by sneaking into venues, pass security, to backstage and into the conversations of artists and their management, disguised as a photographer. Pretty interesting and engaging tactic that worked in his benefit. After creating opportunities for himself and consistently showing progress, LA-Meek is the epitome of being driven by his goals to next new pinnacles.

“I’m originally from Toms River, NJ but I moved away in 2013 to move down south to the Queen City Charlotte, NC.  After 6 years, I’m finally back in my city, and that’s where the name comes from. Typically, when I write a song, I’ll pull out a pen and paper and sit down somewhere and just brainstorm.  Write whatever comes to mind, you know.  But I’ve come to a point in my career where change was necessary.  I wanted to show my fans that I’m growing, learning, and adapting just as they grow, learn, and adapt.  So in the making of this song, I smoked, put some headphones on, and completely immersed myself in the beat.  Absolutely nothing else mattered.  I let the beat flow through me as blood flows through veins and arteries. From this, all I could think about was how it felt to be back in my city. I put a piece of myself into every song I make.  I guess you could say my catalogue is like one big puzzle, and each song is another piece that adds a little more to the story.  For instance,  sometimes we had to wash our body with a couple gallons of water from the local dollar store when I was in high school.  You get a glimpse of that story in “Make a Way” when I say “I was washing up with gallons of water.  Glaciers on me now I’m drippin’ like water.”  Another song, whose piece of the puzzle is a little bigger than others, is “How I Feel”.  From this, fans learn that I grew up without the love of a mother, won 2 state championships, went to college in West Virginia, or even that I was mad as hell the day my father got married, among-st other things.  That’s just a small piece, but the more you listen, the more you’ll learn about what it’s like to be me.”

This multi-talented emcee openly strives to be authentic with his listeners which helps them to be responsive to his music. Using different elements of music, samples and life changing events as his main source of inspiration, La-Meek continues to remain consistent while reaching new pinnacles. Many people from different walks of life and ages can easily relative to his songs. As he effortlessly remains relevant, he shows how important and beneficial it is to remain focus on your passion and perfecting your craft.


“When my supporters, who I love and appreciate so much, listen to my music, I want them to feel empowered. I want them to feel like Kings and Queens; to feel that they can truly do anything they set their minds to.  That was something big for me growing up.  I listened to Eminem a lot when I was younger, and in his song “Lose Yourself” he says something that my father would tell me all the time: “You can do anything you set your mind to man.”  And that’s the message that I want my listeners to receive when listening to me, no matter what song it is.  Growing up, I was never the most popular, never the most likely to succeed, never the most likely to do anything.  My dreams of playing college football were sitting at the edge of the drain at one point…but I stayed down till I came up and achieved anything and everything  I set my mind to do.  I went to college on scholarship as an Honor student, played football as a true freshmen, joined a fraternity, and graduated on time with a 3.0 GPA.  Not only that, in my first few months of making music, I worked my way on stage with artists like Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Montana of 300, and Q da Fool.  Above all, I just want people to know that we ARE in control of our lives.  We may not control what cards we’re dealt, but it is 110% our choice of how we play them.”

Listen to “Back In My City” here!