Listen: JO$E RIVERA Drops “Mo Bamba” Freestyle with visuals!

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Just like ‘The Rose That Grew From Concrete,’ Atlanta representer, Jo$e Rivera, has managed to thrive through all unforeseen obstacles… Instead of crumbling under pressure, he evolved. Using all of his challenges as a motive to succeed, push forward, and accomplish all of his goals despite the circumstances.

The Panamanian decent artist always took refuge in music. Self-medicating during any rough period in his life; so naturally when he started rapping, he created music to tell stories and reflect on various personal situations.

Through this, Jo$e Rivera, has perfected a laid-back sound, with relatable lyricism, and a forever-going feel good vibe.

Cultivating this sound became his focus after his first project, Payday, received very little attention. This pushed him to create his 2011 mixtape, The Lay Off, which created a lot of buzz for the indie rapper as it spoke to listeners in a much personal way than his previous releases.

Growing fans appreciated this use of creative lyricism. The positive feedback from, The Layoff, encouraged him to continue his hard work, and motivated Rivera to ride this wave of cleverly-written bars; thus he composed a third mixtape, entitled, Becoming Legendary; a project that reflects his growth and commitment as a rising artist.

The forthcoming tape tells a story of how to not give up on your dreams, stand tall through adversity and weather the storm until your blessings come. As we patiently wait for the new tape to drop, Jo$e Rivera, will bless his supporters with constant new music and dope visuals to follow.

Lucky for us we were able to briefly interview the rising act on his journey and inspiration.

I have to close friends that I work with closely named Marcus and Darryl. They suggested that I do a freestyle to a record that was on billboard. I heard my friend play the Mo Bamba record like a week earlier before I recorded it. I intended to do a Nas instrumental but they suggested I do something that could go viral. I saw that Mo Bamba was top 10 on billboard. Pulled up the instrumental and the rest was history. The creative process was simple. Champagne, candles, and something on Netflix which I can’t remember lol. But I enjoy putting my self in space where I can clearly block out the world and think about what picture I want to paint to my fans. I want my fans to take away something from my music. Whether it’s a story or a punch line that they can connect to, or a delivery that is so well put together that they can actually believe what I’m saying and know it’s true. I want them to feel the words and the actions that goes with it.”

“Finna resurrect the dead, finna bring the goat back. Running on the side line, feeling like I’m Bo Jack, exposing all the highs…” 

“The end part is actually “exposing all the lies from the trumps bring the hope back”
Finna resurrect the dead finna Bring the goat back – is me acknowledging the greats such as Biggie and PAC. I feel that there contribution to hip hop helped shape what hip hop is today. I’ve watched so many documentaries on biggie and PAC. I loved pacs delivery and how he mad the fans feel. Like when he said “fuck the bitch and the click you claim” you really felt that deep in your chest. That’s the delivery that I strive for. I always loved the punchlines and metaphors that biggie used. Those are the goats in my book.”