Nuski Baby, Next Up Out Of New Orleans

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Nuski Baby is a true artist in an era of bounce music. Mostly known for her hit single “Piff Gang” and  “Gangsta B*tch”,  Nuski plans to put on for her city while remaining true to herself. The New Orleans native uses a unique sound and clever word play to illustrate her lifestyle and experiences. Being influenced by people like Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh, it was inevitable that Nuski also learn to produce and engineer her own music.

“All my favorite icons such as Lil Wayne, and Mannie Fresh know how to produce and manipulate sound, not only that, but they know the sound they want, and how to get just that. I feel it mentally helps artists become creatively stronger when it’s time to move the pen.”

At a young age, Nuski Baby began singing and rapping. Her family always knew she was destined for greatness. A few year ago, Nuski found herself apart of a locally known rap group. Ultimately, she decided to go solo following the death of her cousin. Since going solo, Nuski has gained a ton of new followers and supporters. She can only go up from here.

Stream her latest project Dripping In Designer below:

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