Skilla Baby Lets The World Know He Is Here To Stay With His Latest Drop “Crack Music”

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If you are hip to the Detroit Music scene  then you know that 2020 is def a year that the city will shine, but if you been hip before what is going on right now then you’d know Skilla isn’t a new comer, in fact he’s been dropping since 2016. But nothing he has dropped thus far compares to “Crack Music”

Having a close association with one of the hottest rappers you’d think you wouldn’t really have to work really? right? it’ll all come eventually right? initially you’d think having the backing of Sada Baby would make someone comfortable? Thats the exact opposite of Skilla Baby. “Crack Music” solidifies Skilla’s hard work and the admiration of the city tops guys who chimed in to feature From Icewear Vezzo, Sada Baby, And BabyFace Ray this tape is where Skilla Shows us his place in music.


When you get to the last song its two things you understand, Skilla Baby is here to stay and this is indeed Crack Music.