Young Sir Releases The First Single, “My Brudda” From Recent EP, Facecard

In Music by thehiphoplab

As many artist enjoy using music as a tool to express themselves some create more meaningful lyrics that grab your attention. Up and coming artist, Young Sir is known to be lyrically expressive. At the early age of eight he started to write and perform music. With a fan base that is frequently increasing he continuously reaches new pinnacles every year. He recently shared his newest song, “My Brudda” and Young Sir briefly spoke with us about the inspiration and creative process behind it.

“ I would say my family is everything. Going into this project, my brother just had a son so I am watching him be a father. I’m an Uncle now and that’s my motivation. Also the timing of my brother having his child and reevaluating the circle around me. I think everyone around me are connected by the same goals ‘taking care of your mother.’ It is very important, I keep my family close. I trust my brothers/friends, so their opinion and advice is something I use to give me real insight. With my brothers/friends, I am Taj not Young Sir.”

Since Young Sir’s recent project Facecard, was released you can hear and understand his meaningful lyrics that he effortlessly put together to create timeless record. Sir explains how he wants his listeners to feel about his music.

“Everyone has that one person that they trust. When my listeners hear this song, I want them to party with the person they trust most. I want this to be an anthem for the real ones, for the day ones, for the brothers we acquire through the struggles, the ones that’s not blood but family through loyalty.”

Listen to the new single here!